Monday, August 12, 2013

You're the best around! Nothing's going to ever keep you down.

I keep going back and forth on what I want to do with my life.  I really want to get to the Olympics for eventing in 2020, but I also really want to start on my media career.  Sometimes I think I'm wasting my time cleaning stalls and working in a barn, but I guess some time within the past two months of me doing so, I've completely forgotten that I AM working toward my Olympic goals.  I'm not going to be a working student forever and I AM going to school for my media career.  I'm NOT doing nothing like I so often feel I am.  I just feel like I'm getting nowhere.

Well, this is me kicking myself back into gear.

I haven't been riding everyday like I should be, so I'm going to start riding everyday again.  My not-horse-time is going to mainly be spent working on my schoolwork.

I'm going to stop letting myself get distracted.  I'm going to write down clear goals and stick to them.

I can do this.

Cue inspirational montage.

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