Kino McFarland was born August 19, 1986 in Cincinnati, Ohio with a love for horses and the media.  She grew up on movies, spending almost all of her teenaged free time at the theater of which her brother was the manager and then later the theater in which she worked.  Kino was always a writer and her best skill in school, as told by all of her teachers, was her ability to tell a story.  Fascinated by theatrics, she decided to try her hand at making movies at the young age of 12.  With her neighbor's camcorder, she created her first film- a short based on a children's story called Bunny Trouble starring many of her favorite Beanie Babies.

In high school, Kino fell in love with live performance.  She had a role in her church's rendition of Godspell, but her true love was behind the scenes.  With her high school drama club, she worked as part of the run crew, prop crew, and lighting crew, allowing her to join the International Thespian Society.  While she loved working behind the scenes, she still loved performing and worked as a street character at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

It was there that she made many of her most important relationships, including her to-be husband.  She eventually performed with the Pickled Brothers Circus and toured with FreakShow Deluxe as Hannah Bel.  Kino has performed with the Insane Clown Posse and has done shows ranging from festivals to night clubs.

Kino has a penchant for horror and can be found in the special feature documentary, "Friday's Legacy:  Horror Conventions," which is on the 2009 rerelease DVD of Friday the 13th Part 2.  She has also been a Production Assistant and Behind the Scenes Photographer for Revelation Trail.  While she has a range of skills, thanks to her professional certificate in animation and associate of applied science in electronic media, she has come to love directing and writing films the most.

She is no stranger to following her dreams nor is she a stranger to hard work.  She has created commercials for the Old West Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio (aired on Time Warner Cable) and created demo reels for circus troupes.  She hopes to add music videos to the list soon.

Kino is currently finishing her Bachelor's of Fine Arts at Full Sail University for Creative Writing for Entertainment and living in Seattle, Washington.
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