Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Substitute teacher on trial for showing ABCs of Death to High School Students

The fact that someone is being put on trial for showing a Not Rated movie to minors and is under review for being a crime is a little absurd... but how does a teacher not realize until after five classes that the film is 1.) not in Spanish and 2.) filled with low brow sex and violence.

Personally, I don't care what kids watch. I understand parents and society do and I'm willing to cooperate within those rules. However, I don't understand how someone does not review a film they are putting on for kids when there are rules about showing things to children and then choose one called ABCS OF DEATH, which has 27 segments that all lead up to violent and absurd deaths. That is what the film is known for. Yes, there are Spanish language segments... but only two... but it's called ABCS OF DEATH! DEATH! Does that not ring bells?

So teachers are just allowed to put Netflix on and run out of the room now? The article states that she had her back to the screen and thought that the film was in Spanish, but after three segments in one class, you would hear that it's not in Spanish... I can't remember the film exactly because none of the shorts were actually any good, but wouldn't screaming and guts noises make you turn your head regardless of what language it's in?

Can we give this woman an award for Stupidity of the Year?

And fault the school board for incompetent substitute teachers? Wouldn't a substitute teacher that teaches SPANISH be awesome? What a brilliant idea!
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